Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hot Wheels : Stunt Srack Challenge Games Free Download

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge is a video game published by THQ. It was released on November 9, 2004 and appeared on PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advanced, and Windows. It is a stuntman game show that consists of drivers competing in death-defying stunt challenges and win fast races to stay on the show. Sometimes, you will get to play mini games with special tasks, usually involving collecting icons in a limited amount of time. Races take place on one of 12 tracks,and players compete to finish first. The game's 24 stunt challenges reward players for performing daring deeds from the controller. The game also has an online mode for playing all of these game-modes. The online is hosted by GameSpy and is still in service.

Players are thrust into competition on a hot new extreme game show -- on which they must complete perilous stunts and win intense races. The goal is to beat opponents and impress the audience with fearless maneuvers, in order to advance into other episodes and win better cars. At the end of the season, the driver with the most courage and best stunt skills will cruise away in a gold-plated car as the Hot Wheels Champion. Players choose from 30 authentic Hot Wheels cars to compete in 24 stunt challenges on 12 different tracks set in environments such as Buccaneer Bay, Jurassic Jam, Zero Gravity Zone, Tiki Island, Spider Alley and Lava Land. Players can also customize their cars with unique colors, wheels and decals. The PlayStation 2 game allows for two-player racing action; or six-player action with a PlayStation 2 online account or LAN. 

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